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There�s much more than just classy cosmetic appearance behind Honda�s attention-grabbing metallic silver finish. Every Honda engine undergoes a vigorous four-stage coating process for protection against harsh conditions such as ultraviolet rays and extensive saltwater exposure. First, the double-sealed anodising treatment is applied to the aluminium alloy base, followed by the epoxy primer undercoat, the acrylic silver paint and, finally, the acrylic resin topcoat. With Honda, complete durability means innovation at every level.

Honda sets the benchmark for guaranteed reliability and hassle-free boating with the industry�s first five-year domestic warranty. Available on every outboard in Honda�s impressive range, from the BF2 right up to the BF225, this is also the industry�s most comprehensive warranty � further confirming Honda�s reputation for engineering excellence.

With over 40 years experience in four-stroke outboard technology, there�s good reason why Honda is considered �the authority� in this and many other automotive fields. In addition to constantly refining the most advanced four-stroke technology available, Honda offers the widest range of four-stroke outboards in the world. From the compact and lightweight BF2 right up to the industry-leading BF225, Honda has an outboard to enhance your boating experience.

As the world�s largest engine manufacturer, Honda draws upon technology developed for high-performance cars to ensure every Honda outboard combines the most effective technologies for its power range, to deliver unrivalled speed and acceleration at any revs. Over the years, Honda has continued to perfect four-stroke outboards that are powerful, economical, quiet and environmentally clean.
With such dedication to performance and innovation, Honda delivers power with unrivalled reliability. Honda�s deep level of experience and commitment to precision manufacturing techniques has allowed the company to build a world-leading reputation. The sleek design of Honda outboards reflects the superb engineering that goes into every model, which pairs proven technology with reliability that is unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Honda�s advanced four-stroke technology ensures low fuel consumption without compromising performance. By comparison, Honda outboards are around 50% more fuel efficient than two-stroke outboards. Honda�s technology also reduces harmful exhaust emissions.COMPLETE SECURITY
Honda outboards come with a complete range of security features, including Engine Alert Systems that monitor critical engine functions and alert the operator before any damage occurs. Even more importantly, junior operators have the tools they need to head out to sea with confidence. With neutral gear or start-in-gear protection, as well as an emergency kill switch that attaches to the operator�s wrist, Honda increases both your confidence and theirs.

Honda has been devoted to producing environmentally-friendly marine engines for over 40 years. The company has demonstrated ultra-low emissions are not only possible, but it is the right thing to do to protect the waterways and the air. In fact, Honda is the only manufacturer in the world with every model in its range meeting the world�s toughest emission regulations � EPA 2006 and CARB 2008 � and the only brand in Australia to achieve OEDA�s three-star rating for ultra-low emissions. Further, every Honda four-stroke outboard is engineered to the manufacturer�s unique �e-spec� standards, which set the benchmark for both ultra-low emissions and whisper-quiet operation.
Your purchase of a Honda outboard engine guarantees servicing and comprehensive parts back-up from one of the largest marine dealer networks in Australia. With a range of flexible finance packages available, Honda MPE Financial Services can help you own your Honda outboard or boat and trailer package sooner. For details about Honda MPE Financial Services, contact your local participating Honda Marine dealer on 1800 241 173 or visit www.hondamarine.com.au

Honda's sports car performance technology for your outboard.
Honda�s BF90 utilises technology developed for Honda�s high-performance sportscars. Honda introduced VTEC� in the early 1990 and it is the benchmark technology used on every Honda auto sold today.

VTEC� varies the lift and duration of the intake valves to provide optimum performance both at low rpm and at high rpm.

Competitive engines use a camshaft profile that makes a compromise between the ideal lift and duration for best low rpm performance (where the engine runs most of the time) and peak performance at high rpm.
Too radical a cam profile (with high lift and long duration) allows compression to be lost at low rpm when the air speed is insufficient to take advantage of these characteristics. This is why racing engines run poorly at low speed, and are impractical for everyday driving.
On the other hand, a mild cam profile (with relatively low lift and duration) does not give sufficient time to fill the cylinder with fuel and air at high rpm, causing the engine to �run out of breath� prematurely. This results in poor high rpm performance.
The VTEC� system achieves the best of both worlds by utilising mild cam lobes to operate the intake valves at low rpm. Then, at 5300rpm, it engages a �high output� cam lobe to operate the intake valves for high rpm operation. This results in optimum power characteristics in both rpm ranges.

Low Speed
At engine speeds up to 5300rpm, mild (short duration) cam lobes open and close the intake valves allowing the air/fuel mix into the combustion chamber. The reason for this restricted intake is to keep the air/fuel velocity high for smooth low-speed operation and increased torque.

High Speed
At engine speeds above 5300rpm, the Engine Command Module (ECM) activates the VTEC solenoid causing hydraulic pressure to move a synchronizing piston, which locks the high lobe rocker to the low lobe rocker. The two rocker arms, now locked as a single unit, operate off the high lift (long duration) cam profile. This allows the mass of high-velocity air to pack into the combustion chamber and produce more power.

The result is an extremely efficient engine with a broader, flatter torque curve and smooth power delivery throughout the engine�s operating range.

The ECM constantly monitors the changes in engine status such as load and rpm. The ECM determines from these inputs when to activate VTEC� for higher engine output. This is accomplished by providing power to the VTEC� solenoid valve.

The solenoid valve opens, directing oil pressure to the synchronising piston of each rocker arm assembly, which in turn locks the two rocker arms for high speed operation.

Benefit: VTEC� delivers at low speeds, smooth stable idling with reduction in fuel consumption, while the increased valve lift above 5300rpm broadens the torque curve and top end power.

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