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Honda BF 100

2018 Honda  BF 100

Model BF 100
Engine Type4 Stroke Outboard

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Main Features:

Honda BF 100 comes packed full of features that draw on Honda's unparalleled history as an engine manufacturer.


Honda's BF 100 has been updated and comes packed full of features that draw on Honda's unparalleled history as an engine manufacturer. Powered by the same engine that runs one of Honda's best-selling cars, the 'Jazz', the BF100's pedigree cannot be questioned. A range of Honda-exclusive technologies combine to deliver exceptional power, superior environmental performance and best-in-class fuel economy. FUTURISTIC FEATURES Developed for Honda’s high-performance F1 sport cars, VTEC varies the lift and duration of the intake valves to provide optimum performance both at low and high rpm. VTEC delivers at low speeds, smooth stable idling with reduction in fuel consumption, while the increased valve lift at higher speeds broadens the torque curve and top end power. ECONOMIC POWER Along with Honda’s Programmed Fuel Injection, the BF100 incorporates Lean Burn Control technology, which allows combustion to operate on a leaner air/fuel ratio than stoichiometric air/fuel. An O2 sensor, together with the ECM, precisely controls the air/fuel mixture for the best fuel economy at cruise setting. The mode in which lean burn control is used during cruising to achieve higher fuel economy is referred to as ECOmo (Economy Controlled Motor). BLAST TECHNOLOGY Honda’s revolutionary Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) technology boosts engine torque at low RPM under rapid acceleration. BLAST™ traces the air/fuel ratio that results in the maximum torque for each engine revolution, while simultaneously tracing the maximum knock limit ignition timing that can be obtained using a rich air/fuel ratio in the full throttle zone and advances the ignition timing to the limit, in order to produce greater torque This boost in horsepower and torque at low rpm contributes to strong hole shot performance to get the hull up on plane quickly! BEST IN CLASS CHARGING The BF100 has the best in class charging performance with a 44-amp alternator. This means your outboard is now able to charge the battery faster and power more accessories, so that you can now run that little bit of extra tech on the boat to help find the perfect catch. ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION (EFI) With an upgraded ECU the BF100 has the latest in Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology. This ensures that fuel is delivered to the engine in a highly efficient and precisely measured manner. Meaning that the exact amount of fuel is delivered at the perfect time; this guarantees that the engine will run smoother at peak performance while also burning significantly less fuel. NMEA2000 Honda is wired for the future; this is why the new outboards come standard with NMEA2000 connectivity. Equipment designed to the NMEA2000 standard has the ability to share and display data, including commands and status with other compatible equipment over a single channel. ENGINE TYPE Four-Stroke OHC 4 Cylinders DISPLACEMENT 1496cc BORE & STROKE 73 x 89 mm FULL THROTTLE RPM RANGE 5300-6300 RPM RATED POWER 100HP @ 5,900 RPM COOLING SYSTEM Water Cooled INDUCTION Programmed Fuel Injection IGNITION SYSTEM Full Transistorised Battery Ignition STARTING SYSTEM Electric EXHAUST Through Prop ALTERNATOR 44 amp POWER TRIM & TILT Standard TRIM RANGE -4° to +16° TILT RANGE 68° SAFETY FEATURES EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH Standard OIL PRESSURE ALERT Standard TEMPERATURE ALERT Standard REV-LIMITER Standard SPEEDOMETER PICKUP Standard DRIVE GEAR RATIO 2.33:1 GEAR SHIFT F-N-R PROPELLER Optional DIMENSIONS OVERALL LENGTH 746mm OVERALL WIDTH 449mm OVERALL HEIGHT (L-TYPE) 1566mm OVERALL HEIGHT (X-TYPE) 1693mm TRANSOM HEIGHT (L-TYPE) 537mm TRANSOM HEIGHT (X-TYPE) 664mm DRY WEIGHT 166kg
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